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Did you know that 84% of sales training gets forgotten within the first three months? With high-velocity sales becoming the default buying journey, sales reps must be at their A-game for every customer interaction. They seldom have time to reflect on earlier teachings and are compelled to be on a constant self-learning journey to keep up with the market pace. Self-learning comes with another set of challenges that have to be tamed by every sales rep. That is where this session helps!

In this 45 min workshop, John Ellis, Head of Sales, ZeroBroker, and a sales veteran in the SMB market shares the most common struggles he’s seen reps face and how he helps his team of sales reps overcome their most common struggles. 

The 35 mins session is to be followed by an interactive Q&A where you can post your questions related to sales.

What can you expect to learn from this session?

  1. What are the areas reps need help with the most?

  2. How can you empower novice reps to be successful right from their first month?

  3. How can you provide personalized sales coaching at scale?

  4. The hygiene habits that help good sales leaders build successful, self-sustaining sales engines. 

Sales can get taxing, thankless, and laborious to manage for SMBs if not done right. This is your chance to learn for free from a seasoned sales leader! Register for the event today.

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About the Speaker

John Ellis is the Head of Sales at ZeroBroker. He started his sales journey as an AE way back in 2010. In his decade-long experience, John has been a top closer and has helped scale many startups to become established brands. Outside the office, John is on father duty for his 3 amazing daughters and offers consultancy services for SMBs to get their sales motions running effectively to quench his passion for helping SMBs succeed.


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