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Mintbase Grants Demo Day

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​Join us for Mintbase Grants Demo Day as we showcase the progress and achievements of the Mintbase Grants Program.

β€‹πŸ“ You can either join us via streaming :

or in our office: Rua AntΓ³nio Maria Cardoso 25, 4th floor, 1200-027 Lisboa.

As recipients of the NEAR Foundation funds, we prioritize transparency and accountability in utilizing these resources. Come witness the impact our grantees have made on the ecosystem as they present their projects and highlight the milestones achieved with the support of the Mintbase Grants Program.

But that's not allβ€”we have curated an engaging program for you:

  • ​3:00 pm ​- Unlocking Innovation: Mintbase Grant's Program and Demo Day's Objectives, with Nate Geier
    Get an exclusive overview of what's been happening with Mintbase. Our CEO, NATE Geier, will share insights about the Grants process and discuss our expectations for the Demo Day.

  • ​​3:15 pm - Empowering Developers: The Al Potential for Blockchain, with Luis Freitas - recent experiments conducted by our team. Learn about Mintbase Data and Actions and how we are Simplifying Blockchain Interactions with GPT-4 Plugins.

  • ​​3:30 pm - Near Horizon presentation - We're honored to have the special presence of Near Horizon and Dev Hub, who will be contributing to their remarkable projects.

​​Now, without further ado, let's unveil our incredible lineup of grantees who will be showcasing their projects at the Demo Day:

  • ​​3:45 pm - NiftyRent - An user-friendly tool for renting/hiring utility NFTs (e.g. in-game assets, virtual passes) without requiring collateral. It supports essential features like creator's royalty, multi-token payment, optimized contracts, improved service user experience, and potential integration with real-life applications. This project is a continuation of the winning project from NEARCON 2022 IRL Hackathon.

  • ​​​4:00 pm - Namesky - an NFT project on the NEAR blockchain that focuses on simplifying and securing the buying and selling of NEAR accounts as NFTs. Each NFT represents ownership of a specific NEAR account. For example, purchasing an NFT associated with the account ID "awesome.near" means acquiring ownership of the "awesome.near" NEAR account.

  • ​​​4:15 pm - QSTN - a web app where users earn virtual credit through surveys and quizzes. It enables monetization of personal information in a scalable environment, aligning with NEAR Protocol. Mintbase supports this initiative, investing in NEAR's data infrastructure and introducing a "Play-to-Earn" model through NFTs.

  • ​​​4:30 pm - Puzzle Task - a no-code platform for Food Safety and Traceability Management serving Hospitality and Food Retail Sectors towards supply chain optimization. Catering to suppliers, hotels, retailers, and end consumers, the platform incentivizes the sharing of valuable data to optimize the supply chain.

  • ​​​4:45 pm - Explorins - "NanoStore by eXplorins" offers a modular Shopify-like platform for clients like commercial districts, artistic communities, and brands. It enables consumers to convert virtual items to physical goods using AR and 3D printing. Ideal for artists and 3D printing services.

  • ​​​5:00 pm - Everything - A marketplace for second-hand goods where individuals can list physical items for sale in the form of NFTs.

  • ​​​5:15 pm - Ailand - A Playable NFT Marketplace with virtual asset ownership confirmation and in-game NFT utility. Users are able to acquire virtual assets through lootboxes and trade those assets on a secondary market.

  • ​​​5:30 pm - PWX - Portuguese Whisky Exchange eliminates intermediaries, enabling direct and secure virtual transactions between whiskey distillers and consumers. PWX expands distillers' consumer reach and removes financial barriers for collectors and drinkers.

  • ​​​5:45 pm - WallID - An aggregator toolkit that simplifies user authentication and verification for WebApps. It allows WebApps to authenticate users' digital IDs from multiple infrastructures through a single SDK connection. With WalliD Verifier SDK, WebApps and dApps can customize trust and access levels based on users' provided digital IDs and assets, ensuring proof-of-ownership through wallet signatures.

  • ​​​6:00 pm - SLIC Images - A decentralized media library on the blockchain facilitates a fair two-sided marketplace for photographers/videographers and consumers. Media professionals can license their work through NFTs for commercial or personal use. Licenses are distributed and verifiable on-chain through peer-to-peer consensus on Near.

  • ​​​6:15 pm - Roketo - Roketo is a finance platform for token streaming and recurring payment flows. Token streaming sends funds to a wallet at a continuous time interval as long as certain conditions are met.

  • ​​​6:30 pm - Gorilla Shops - A store builder that extends the capabilities of Mintbase by making it easier to create beautiful storefronts for NFT businesses.

  • ​​​6:45 pm - Cootoo - A revenue distribution method for creative projects to pay all minters on the contract.

  • ​​7:00 pm - Closing Remarks with Devhub

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