The Changed Podcast Season 2 Kickoff Party!



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Come celebrate the arrival of The Changed Podcasts second season!

The podcast features interviews with a variety of guests, focusing on how pivotal, fork-in-the-road moments shape and change our lives. Through the lens of storytelling each guest adds their experience to a tapestried definition of what it means to make changes, be changed and spark change in those around us. 

The conversations are inspiring, fun, heart-filled and honest. Until now, they’ve also been exclusively between host and guest alone.

This party offers the opportunity for guests from both seasons to meet and talk with each other, and for listeners to join in the fun!

Hang out til the end, and get a look at the season ahead!

Save your spot ASAP. this party is just around the corner….


How much does the event cost?

You can attend this event for free! Simply enter 0.00 in the name your price box.

What if I want to contribute to the Changed Podcast with dollars?

Ohmigosh! Amazing! 🤩

There are two ways to do that. You can join our patreon page! There 5 possible tiers which allow you to contribute to the continued success of the show AND reap rewards for doing so.

IF you would like to show a little financial love to The Changed Podcast without joining our Patreon Page, this is an excellent opportunity to do so! Simply name any amount you like when you ‘purchase’ your ticket. All proceeds will go to show production costs… and host, Aden Nepom will send you a personalize Thank You Video for your contribution

Can I share the Zoom link with my friends once I have it?

We kindly ask that you do not share the Zoom link simply because this event has a limited capacity. You are however encouraged to help us fill the event by inviting friends and fans using this registration link!

Who’s Going to be there?

Fans, friends, and listeners… just like YOU! And along with you… some of the podcast guests from both seasons will also be there!


From Season 1:

  • Guillermo Martinez - Head of Story, Sony Pictures Animation

  • Dr. Gerald T. Nepom MD, PhD - Director, The Immune Tolerance Network

  • Jeff Harry - Play expert at Rediscover Your Play

  • Mary Jo Pehl - Actor, Writer, Comedian (MST3K, Rifftrax and more…)

  • Melissa Thornley - Leadership Conltant

  • Mimi Bishop - Host of the Make Your Life Magnificent Podcast with Mimi + Jackie

  • Mo Daviau - Author of novel, “Every Anxious Wave”

  • Reshanda Yates - Host of the Ending Your Binge Eating Podcast

  • Dr. Rick Brinkman - Speaker, Author & Former President at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

  • Dr. Rick Kirschner ND - Speaker, Author, Former President at the Naturopathic Medicine Institute & Founder at The Art of Change

From Season 2:

  • Aoife O’Brien - Host of the Happier at Work Podcast

  • Gary Hirsch - Engagement expert and founder at On Your Feet & BotJoy

  • Luann Abrams - Founder at CEOx

  • Margery Arnold - Co-host of The Positive ThinPact Podcast

  • Marybel Martin - Artist & Well-Being Coach

  • Nancy Torres - Teacher & Author, “Say it With Me”

  • Phillippe Barbe - Mathematician, Data Scientist, Solution Finder and Strategist

… and who knows who else might stop by!?

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