Biomass Harvesting and Storage



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We at AirMiners continuously strive to find novel, potentially impactful methods of carbon removal; our next panel event on Biomass Harvest and Storage (BHS) represents just that!

Problem: Since biomass is essentially photosynthetically captured carbon, when plant biomass dies and decomposes, it releases its carbon back to the atmosphere as CO2 and other GHGs via the Carbon Cycle.

Solution: BHS is a CDR method in which dead or live biomass is harvested via collection or selective cutting, and then either buried underground or stored aboveground to slow or prevent biomass from decomposing. BHS thus provides a way to break the Carbon Cycle and remove atmospheric CO2. 

Join us September 29th at 12pm Pacific to hear from an esteemed panel of experts and entrepreneurs to learn about and discuss this emerging method. Featuring leading minds in the field, this should be an excellent discussion - panelists include:

Dr. Ning Zeng, Professor at the University of Maryland and the Carbon Lockdown Project
Dr. Jeffrey Amelse, retired Research Engineer at BP, and Invited Associate Professor at Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
• Dr. Howard Carr and Dr. Simon Avenell, founders of Enhanced Biomass Sequestration Pty Ltd
Christopher Knop, founder of Carbon Sequestration, Inc
• Moderators Dr. Amber Janda and John Lin, from Exaquest Carbon

Tickets are free or $10 to support event carbon removal.

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