Cover Image for Bingyi Wang's Guzheng recital
Cover Image for Bingyi Wang's Guzheng recital
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Bingyi Wang's Guzheng recital

Hosted by Stanford Baipu Chinese Music Ensemble
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Join us for the graduation recital of our first-chair guzheng soloist, Bingyi Wang, to enjoy an evening of immersion in the timeless beauty of traditional Chinese artistic motifs intertwined with contemporary dynamics.

The program includes contemporary guzheng ensemble performances as well as guzheng concerto repertoires performed together with piano and Western strings. Audiences are in for a treat, from listening to expressive contemporary compositions, such as "The Transparent Sea" and "Romantic Breeze of Spring," to experiencing the beautiful synergy of guzheng melodies and classic Chinese poetry through pieces like "Autumn Sight" and "Moonlight on Spring River." Throughout the concert, Bingyi and her fellow musicians will not only demonstrate their exceptional skills and artistry by weaving together intricate melodies and rhythms to create a rich and evocative tapestry of sound, but also share the stories and traditions, allowing a deeper understanding of the rich culture and poetic elegance intrinsic to the music.

About us:

Stanford Baipu Chinese Music Ensemble is an orchestra based in the Bay Area which practices and performs traditional and contemporary Chinese music. Consisting of many talented award-winning professional and amateur musicians, the ensemble strives to promote cultural exchanges, to raise awareness of Chinese music, and to inspire artistic creativity within the community.

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Campbell Recital Hall
541 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305, USA
Guest parking is available at Stanford Tresidder parking lot, but the space might be limited.
150 Going