Next Evolution of your Marketing Automation - Customer Data Platform (CDP)?



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Data continues to be the absolute bedrock of good email marketing. To stay up with the new digital world, the job of the ESP (email service provider) had to evolve, thus we switched to Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation has been a buzzword over the past decade: it has given marketers the ability to

➥Automate marketing communications in email
➥Personalize email messages
➥Set-up campaign orchestration
➥Do trigger-based mailing campaigns

However, brands want to get closer to their customers. They want to use the same marketing automation across all of their channels (ad targeting, website personalization, and chatbot integration), therefore the question remains:

➤How do they do it?
➤How can I orchestrate consistent personalization across all my channels including offline, online, on page, mobile, mail & advertising?

You must now integrate a growing number of data sources. These must then be linked together to create a Single Customer/ Contact View.

The data must then be utilized across an ever-expanding number of channels. Then you need to make sure that all of these channels are sending the same message.

All of this must be accomplished without adding to your team's workload. It appears to be a difficult task. A CDP is an essential instrument for reaching this goal.

So we have come up with the new webinar episode topic - Next Evolution of your Marketing Automation - Customer Data Platform (CDP) - with the leading experts.

In this webinar, you will learn,

  • What are the real challenges in modern-day marketing automation?

  • What is CDP, and how CDP is different from Marketing automation?

  • How CDP will help you to achieve better results in marketing than marketing automation.

The speakers are -

👉 Parth Shrivastava - Product Marketing Lead, Bureau, Inc

👉 Pradyut Hande - Lead Product Marketing Manager, Insider

👉 Amit Sharma - Managing Director, Technocratiq Digital

Who should attend the Webinar?

➤ Senior Marketing professionals, CMOs, Decision Makers

What is the format of the Webinar?

➤ Panel Discussion

When and where this Webinar will happen?

➤ The webinar is going to happen on 18th May at Google Meet.

How do I log in to watch the Webinar?

➤ Log in to this link -

How do I log in to watch the Webinar?

➤ You have to log in through the above mentioned link. After log in, you will get one joining link to attend the webinar.

What is IST?

➤ IST means Indian Standard Time.

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