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In modern days, having a web presence and using digital marketing is insufficient. In addition, businesses want robust analytics for all of the marketers' digital marketing initiatives.

Digital analytics can help you make sense of all the data your customers generate about your brand. 

When most marketers hear "digital analytics," they think of web-based metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and unique visitors, often connected with well-known analytics like Google Analytics.

Despite their enormous spending, many marketers still struggle to answer the age-old question,

➤ "Is my digital campaign working?" 

In this webinar you will learn,

  • Understand where you are on your digital journey—nascent, emerging, connected, multi-moment

  • Identify the importance of first-party data and take steps to ensure you have a dedicated team with clear accountability

  • Make a plan for data governance, if you don't have a tool already in place

  • Have strategies in place for measuring the impact of analytics on your business.

The speakers are -

👉 Rishubh Chakraborty - Manager - Product Marketing and Organic Growth

👉 Srikanth Vadrevu - Manager, Marketing Operations, Clarivate

👉Sonesh Prakash - CEO, CMO Outsourced

👉 Subhajit Kumar - Co-Founder & CMO, Sapience Automata

Who should attend the Webinar?

➤ Senior Marketing professionals, CMOs, Decision Makers

What is the format of the Webinar?

➤ Panel Discussion

When and where this Webinar will happen?

➤ The webinar is going to happen on 25th May at Google Meet at 5PM.

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How do I log in to watch the Webinar?

➤ You have to log in through the above mentioned link. After log in, you will get one joining link to attend the webinar.

What is IST?

➤ IST means Indian Standard Time.

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