Cover Image for Aleo zkHouse: zkGames, hosted by Puzzle
Cover Image for Aleo zkHouse: zkGames, hosted by Puzzle
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Aleo zkHouse: zkGames, hosted by Puzzle

Hosted by Aleo
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Denver, Colorado
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zkGames at Aleo zkHouse: Come experience games in ZK,

Day 2: zkGames
Duration: 1 PM - 5 PM


zkGames will be a laid-back bash at Catbird's Den to wrap up Day 2, hosted by Puzzle. Get your game on, have fun, and win prizes!

Who should attend?

Everyone’s invited — zkHouse participants, ambassadors, grantees, partners, investors, Aleo team members, and beyond.

Venue Location

📍Den at the Catbird Hotel at 3770 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

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About Aleo

Aleo is zero-knowledge by design— the only full-stack Layer 1 blockchain integrating ZK at every level to build an actually secure internet. Aleo provides a zero-knowledge technology platform with uncompromising speed and privacy, allowing developers to build full-stack, private applications with the power of ZK on L1.

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Denver, Colorado
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