Cover Image for Yorkseed Passport Series: SXSW Pre-Game
Cover Image for Yorkseed Passport Series: SXSW Pre-Game
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Yorkseed Passport Series: SXSW Pre-Game

Hosted by Jessica Sophia Wong (Yorkseed Founder), Yorkseed™ & Amelia Tran
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Austin, Texas
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This event is open for all founders investors / executives and tech community builders. This happy hour aims to foster connections, catch up, and mingle with new faces in the ecosystem. We're back in SXSW Austin! Ever seen our spreadsheet and QR codes around?

​Interested in sponsoring or partnering some last minutes events during SXSW? We have a SXSW Yorkseed Event Series! Reach out to me!

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(Remember to use our spreadsheet to find al the side events that doesn’t requires a badge, last min housing and a directory of founders and investors whom you can get in touch with!)

SXSW Original Unofficial Master Side Event and Housing List.

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​About Us:

Yorkseed is a global venture community for founders and investors, fostering connections between entrepreneurs and investors, and establishing global hubs to boost investor outreach.

​​Yorkseed began unexpectedly after a spreadsheet gained popularity at the SXSW conference, prompting me to form a company. In less than a year, we've amassed over 1.7k members across 18 global city hubs, with the newsletter, just 6 months old, attracting over 2.7k subscribers globally alone from Angels, VCs, Family Offices, PE, GP, LPs, Founders (from early stages to IPO) and Executives! We've hosted 10 exclusive global events in 3 countries, 4 cities and continue to expand. Yorkseed remains sector-agnostic, except for cannabis and gambling.

​​​​Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for support or an investor looking to invest in emerging companies, Yorkseed community is the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and explore opportunities in the startup ecosystem. Join us in building a global network of investors and founders and shaping the future of the startup community.

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​​​​To learn more about Yorkseed:

​​​Jessica Sophia Wong / Founder and CEO of Yorkseed.

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Join Our Global Hubs: Paris, New York City, Austin, Miami, D.C., Los Angeles, Bay Area, London, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Sydney, Munich, Berlin, Helsinki, Rio, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Montreal

​**Upcoming proposed hubs: Dubai, Singapore, Amsterdam, CDMX**

Join Our Conference Hubs: World Economic Forum - Davos, Switzerland , ETHDenver - Colorado, USA , VivaTech - Paris, France, SXSW - Austin, USA, Consensus - Austin, USA, NFT NYC - New York City, USA, New York Tech Week - New York City, USA, LA Tech Week - Los Angeles, USA, Collision - Toronto, Canada, Startupfest - Montreal, Canada, SXSW - Sydney, Australia, Web Summit - Lisbon, Portugal, Slush VC - Helsinki, Finland, Websummit - Doha, Qatar

YORKSEED MASTER SIDE EVENT SPREADSHEETS: World Economic Forum, ETHDenver, VivaTech, SXSW Austin, Consensus, NFTNYC, New York Tech Week, LA Tech Week, Collision, Startupfest, SXSW Sydney, Web Summit Lisbon, Slush VC, Web Summit - Doha, Qatar

​​​* The $10 commitment fee helps cover our organizational costs. Please note that drinks are self-funded, as this event does not include complimentary beverages.

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Austin, Texas
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