Cover Image for Yorkseed SXSW Unofficial Master Side Events Logo Sponsorship
Cover Image for Yorkseed SXSW Unofficial Master Side Events Logo Sponsorship

Yorkseed SXSW Unofficial Master Side Events Logo Sponsorship

Hosted by Jessica Sophia Wong (Yorkseed Founder)
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Our ORIGINAL UNOFFICIAL SXSW MASTER SIDE EVENT SPREADSHEET is back this year, and we are making it bigger with logo sponsorship slots, and housing search! Please look at the spreadsheet, search for the neon blue tab written Logo Sponsorship. All logos will go there.

Logo sponsors will get a thank you shout out in our weekly newsletter after post SXSW conference. Anyone likes to team up do to something for SXSW? Email me as well!! I have an event series theme all planned out!

Yorkseed is an exclusive global venture community for founders and investors by Jessica Sophia Wong. We bridge entrepreneurs and investors while linking founders to diverse markets and establishing global hubs to expand investor reach.

Yorkseed began unexpectedly after a spreadsheet gained popularity at the 2023 SXSW conference, prompting me to form a company. In just 9 months, we've amassed over 1.3k members across 18 global city hubs, with the newsletter, just 6 months old, attracting over 2.5K subscribers globally alone from Angels, VCs, Family Offices, PE, GP, LPs, Founders (early stages to IPO) and Executives! We've hosted 8 exclusive global events in 3 countries, 4 cities and continue to expand.

We organize exclusive events for founders and investors at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey (Did you know YS only has been around since April 2023). Our community prides itself on the strict application process we have in place for attendees, ensuring that only high-quality individuals are part of our events. BUT we are not an event company, everything that I’m currently building is for planting seeds for the future. READ MORE HERE