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Freelancing 101 - What it is and how it works | Back to Basics Edition

Hosted by AdventuRise
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After almost a month of being MIA with our live sessions - we’re back again!

This time, we will be going back to the basics of freelancing with Puja Das. We will discuss ins and outs of what freelancing is and isn’t, what it really means to be a freelancer and debunk some misconceptions around it.

Date and time: May 6th, 7PM

Where: Zoom - RSVP here for details

About the speaker:

Puja Das has been a freelance writer for almost 2 years now. Writing well-researched and well-structured articles is her forte. From having her articles being published on Thrive Global, Womensweb, etc. to having some of her articles ranked on the first page of Google— Puja has some amazing accomplishments as a writer under her belt.

She also has been actively creating content on LinkedIn for more than a year, and currently has 30k+ followers on the platform. Her content has received immense love on LinkedIn; several of her posts went viral. She strongly vouches for personal branding!

Apart from content and blog writing, Puja also writes website copies, product descriptions along with ghostwriting.

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