Cover Image for Earth Commons, April 13-14, SF Bay Area
Cover Image for Earth Commons, April 13-14, SF Bay Area
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Are you a builder, researcher, entrepreneur, academic, student, funder, philanthropist or public official working at the cross-section of climate and technology?

Join us April 13-14th, 2024 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley for the inaugural conference of Earth Commons.

Together, we aim to transform the funding and governance of nature’s commons, such as the atmosphere, forests, fisheries, oceans, biodiversity, freshwater reservoirs, and other ecosystem services, by uniting the forces of Web2, Web3, research, philanthropy, and industry.

By harnessing the power of emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT, we aim to facilitate incentive alignment, cooperation, and accountability to steward the Earth’s precious resources in perpetuity.

At the heart of our efforts, we envision a future where the Earth is universally recognized and managed as the collective treasure it truly is—the ultimate commons.

Themes explored will include:

  • Leveraging emerging technologies and open science to respond to dynamically evolving challenges across complex economic and ecological systems

  • How we can better support open innovation ecosystems to address critical aspects of planetary thriving

  • Platforming efforts to mitigate our environmental footprint, including that of emerging technologies like AI and blockchain

  • Pioneering experiments in new mechanisms for co-designing solutions with nature

  • How to preserve the humanity and powers of storytelling to inspire global climate action and adoption of new principles

  • Solidifying feedback loops to drive future innovation and optimize impact evaluation

What to Expect

We will iterate on the signature format of our well-known sister conference Funding the Commons. For this 2-day event, our aim is to build bridges between climate entrepreneurs, academics, technologists, funders, NGOs, and international public institutions to explore the funding and governance of nature’s commons.

Expect a mix of inspirational talks, workshops, networking corners, as well as intimate conversations with thought-leaders.

Speaker Highlights Include:

  • Stuart Cowan (Buckminster Fuller Institute)

  • William (Bill) Collins (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

  • Samantha Power (Finance for Gaia)

  • Allison Duettman (Foresight Institute)

  • Tony Lai (Mothertree Labs, Stanford CodeX)

  • Atossa Soltani (Amazon Sacred Headwaters)

  • Alan Ransil (Operad)

  • Angelo Kalaw (Celo)

  • Aria McLauchlan (Land Core)

  • Benjamin Life (Open Civics)

  • Christian Adler

  • Courtney Savie Lawerence

  • David Vorick (Glow)

  • Douglas Gayeton (The Lexicon)

  • Elvie Kamalova (Blockstreet Capital)

  • Geordan Shannon (Unexia)

  • Gregory Landua (Regen Network)

  • Jack Manning Bancroft (AIME)

  • Jerry Lin (ClimSim)

  • Jessica Abkarian (IRL Art)

  • Jessica Zartler (BlockScience)

  • Jessy Kate Schingler (Open Lunar Foundation)

  • Joe Mascaro (Planet Labs)

  • Lauren Turk (Fera Zero)

  • Lynne Twist (The Pachamama Alliance)
    Matt Prewitt (RadicalxChange)

  • Matthew Stotts (Cerulean Ventures)

  • Megan Klimen (Filecoin Foudndation)

  • Michael Zargham (BlockScience)

  • Peter Rosberg (Centrigade Earth)

  • Phil Dillard (Thruline Networks)

  • Will Gardiner

  • Zach Lefler (Gainforest)

  • Josh Whiton (Make Soil)

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Partners & Sponsors

The Earth Commons experience design team is thrilled to be joined by partners Berkeley Climate Change Network, Hyphen, and Mother Tree Labs, and infinitely grateful for our sponsors Protocol LabsFilecoin Foundation, and NEAR in curating an interdisciplinary program of discourse, participatory engagement and experimentation.

Our Choice of Venue

Steeped in natural beauty and a history of strong activism, technological innovation, and environmental stewardship, the San Francisco Bay area boasts rich natural, cultural, academic and technological ecosystems.

The Bay Area is uniquely positioned to host productive and catalytic discussions to address pressing challenges for the benefit of humanity and the planet's ecosystems with academics, builders, funders, philanthropists & institutional investors, and much more.

In partnerships with the Berkeley Climate Change Network, Earth Commons will be hosted at the David Brower Center, a LEED certified “green model” building.

About Earth Commons

Earth Commons was incubated as Sustainable Blockchain Summit from within the Filecoin Green Team at Protocol Labs as a conference series sitting at the nexus of Web3 and Climate.

Today, the Funding the Commons Team has inherited the conference series and is building out an ecosystem focused on underscoring the systemic, interdependent changes necessary for progress in governing the largest commons that our collective existence relies upon, the “pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known."

Our Gift to You

Your ticket also grants you access into the 9th conference of Funding the Commons - our sister conference focused on exploring new models & mechanisms for public goods funding. In case you are interested in dropping in, this parallel event is taking place at the same location. More info here.

This event is part of LabWeek Public Goods - Protocol Labs' flagship decentralized conference. LabWeek also includes many additional events focused on Public Goods Funding, Sustainability, and Decentralized Science. Register and learn more at

Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA
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