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Cover Image for Funding the Commons, April 13-14, SF Bay Area
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Are you a builder, researcher, academic, student, funder, philanthropist or public official deeply immersed in (or curious about!) the future of public goods funding?

Join us for the 8th Funding the Commons conference

April 13-14th, 2024 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California

For this 2-day event, our focus is on two areas of rapid innovation underpinning fundamental infrastructure for navigating the digital-physical commons: AI and the Open Web.

Themes explored will include:

  • Pioneering experiments in new funding mechanisms for public goods

  • Platforming successful model methodologies leveraging open source technologies and artificial intelligence with scaling potential

  • Understanding the role of AI and open source in funding, building and supporting public goods – and as public goods themselves

  • Frameworks for incubation and methods of support for high-potential innovation

  • Explorations of feedback loops to optimize impact evaluation

What to Expect

We will iterate on our signature format, bringing together builders, funders, and researchers to spotlight the latest research and innovations in open source technology and AI as applied to digital public goods and funding infrastructure.

Expect a mix of inspirational talks, workshops, networking corners, as well as intimate conversations with thought-leaders.

Speaker Highlights Include:

  • Brian Behlendorf (Linux Foundation)

  • Kevin Owocki (Gitcoin)

  • Al Smith (Tor Project)

  • Navroop Sahdev (Digital Economist)

  • Juan Benet (Protocol Labs)

  • Eugene Leventhal (Metagov)

  • LauNaMu (Optimism)

  • Natalie Cadranel (Open Archive)

  • Josh Tan (Metagov)

  • Liz Henry (Borealis Philanthropy)

  • Danny O'Brien (Filecoin Foundation)
    Mosh Lee (IPFS Fund)

  • Mehan Jayasuriya (Mozilla)

  • LauNaMu (Metric Garden)

  • Gloria Kexin Wu (Karma3/Eigentrust)

  • Matt Stephenson (Pantera)

  • Andrew (Drips)

  • Artem Brazhnikov(Octant)

  • Holke (Hypercerts)

  • Andrew Nesbitt (

  • Carl Cervone (Open Source Observer)

  • Sam Ragsdale (a16z)

  • Barry Threw (Gray Area)

  • Chris Aniszcyk (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)

  • Randy Farmer (Spritely)

  • Dae Moyer (Endaoment)

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Partners & Sponsors

The Funding the Commons experience design team is thrilled to be joined by partners Berkeley Center for Responsible Decentralized IntelligenceBlockchain at BerkeleyOpen Source ObserverGray Area,  Edge NetworkArtizen Fund, and infinitely grateful for our sponsors Protocol LabsNEAROctantDrips NetworkBrave, Optimism, and Astrofitters in curating an interdisciplinary program of discourse, participatory engagement and experimentation.

Our Choice of Venue

Steeped in natural beauty and a history of strong activism, technological innovation, and environmental stewardship, the San Francisco Bay area boasts rich natural, cultural, academic and technological ecosystems.

The Bay Area is uniquely positioned to host productive and catalytic discussions to address pressing challenges for the benefit of humanity and the planet's ecosystems with academics, builders, funders, philanthropists & institutional investors, and much more.

In partnerships with the Berkeley Center for Responsible, Decentralized Intelligence, Funding the Commons will be hosted at the David Brower Center, a LEED certified “green model” building.

Our Gift to You

Your ticket also grants you access into the inaugural conference of Earth Commons - our sister conference focused on exploring new funding models and mechanisms for climate action. In case you are interested in dropping in, this parallel event is taking place at the same location. More info here.

About Funding the Commons
Funding the Commons was incubated by Protocol Labs (Network Goods) as an independent project and a bridge between builders and researchers to establish new mechanisms for public goods funding leveraging open source technologies.

This event is part of LabWeek Public Goods - Protocol Labs' flagship decentralized conference. LabWeek also includes many additional events focused on Public Goods Funding, Sustainability, and Decentralized Science. Register and learn more at

Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA
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