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Qualified Digital Archiving - how this Creates Trust and Budget for Innovation

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We organise this knowledge booster session about digital archiving because many companies have questions about:

  • Belgian, European and global regulations and standards about eArchiving and digital trust services,

  • long-term preservation of information,

  • reduction of costs through digitization and eArchiving,

  • migration, decommissioning and retirement of (legacy) applications,

  • qualified archiving, compliant with every existing regulation,

  • ... (we appreciate your questions)

One of the most important legislations for electronic transactions is eIDAS (= electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services), which oversees electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Union's internal market. The eIDAS legislation wants to create trust in digital services and digital contracting. One of the goals is preserving digital signatures.

When this was transposed to Belgian law, a framework was added to digitally archive all documents that have a retention period. We will focus on what this means and how you can implement such a solution while creating a budget for innovation.

We will look at how this works in different sectors, how to ensure legibility, authenticity and integrity of your digital documents (compliant qualified archiving), and how to integrate this with your DMS, EIM, or ERP system.

Here are a few reasons why you should attend this session:

  • You've heard "something" about Qualified Archiving

  • You're working on your digital transformation roadmap and need to store digital contracts and documents

  • You want to know how an archiving solution can create budget and trust for digital innovation

This free interactive online session is presented and facilitated by information management expert Frederik Rosseel.

Frederik has worked in information management for over 20 years. He worked as a consultant, before starting Docbyte in 2006. Docbyte has always focused on Digital Archiving, Digitization and Process Automation projects. Frederik has directly and indirectly been involved in the definition and implementation of hundreds of archiving and information management projects.

Docbyte created a first Digital Archiving solution in 2012, which over the years has evolved to comply with international standards.

Who should attend this knowledge booster session ?

This free event offers knowledge, use cases and practical advice on digital archiving, digital contracts and digital trust services, which should be interesting for CIO's, CFO's, IT and Compliance Managers of social secretariats, mutualities, insurance companies, banks, government, hospitals, ... Actually, everyone who is involved in document management and archiving will benefit from this session, particularly if their company is looking at qualified archiving solutions and application migration/decommissioning.

If you have any questions for our expert speakers, do not hesitate to contact me, and we will try to cover them during this session.

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 Full Programme

13.45h - 14.00h We welcome the participants in our digital lobby

14.00h Qualified Digital Archiving

  • Related regulations: eIDAS, Digital Act, ...

  • Reference models and standards

  • eArchiving solutions overview

  • What does qualified archiving actually mean ?

  • 5 reasons to start eArchiving today

14.45h Coffee Break with an Opportunity for Discussions

15.00h Practical Solutions and Use Cases

  • What are your eArchiving solution's requirements?

  • Which eArchiving components do you need ?

15.45h End of this Session

We will try to answer your questions. If possible, please send in your questions upfront via or put them in the chat during the session. You can indicate your interest in this session via the LinkedIn Event page, but you will only get the meeting link if you register properly via this page: