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🍹 The Carbonauts' Sustainability Cocktails (New York City)

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New York, New York
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Join host Graham Hill (The Carbonauts) and cohosts Micah Kotch, Veronique Pittman, Jayni Chase, and Shayne McQuade on October 17th for Carbonauts' Sustainability Cocktails!

We've done over 80 successful sustainability events in the last year. People love'em (see testimonials below).

Join us soon for delicious cocktails (including a complimentary one) and conversation with other passionate sustainability advocates.

  • Meet old friends, make new ones

  • Learn a few things while having a blast

  • Find valuable work/hires/partners/connections

  • Most importantly, GET INSPIRED!

This is a great opportunity to meet others in the sustainability community, so feel free to share this invite with green friends and colleagues. The more the merrier!

​Just make sure your invites RSVP as we don't want to turn anyone away. The space is capped at 125 people.

Includes a complimentary sustainable tequila cocktail by Cazcabel (or non-alcoholic if that's your vibe).

​Location is a rooftop bar in Manhattan (Madison Square Park).

​Onwards and upwards,

​​Graham and Team Carbonaut

A special thanks to Mike Wallace, Chief Decarbonization Officer, Persefoni for helping us build a global network of decarbonization experts.


NO PITCHING/SALES. We want open, inspiring, agenda-less conversations where people feel free to share. Therefore, there is to be absolutely no pitching or selling of your product or service nor fund-raising. If any attendees feel that this request hasn’t been respected, let us know and that person will not be invited back.

WE'RE GOOD AT THIS. We've done over 80 events in the last year and they've been terrific. They've included sustainability folks from over 400 organizations, including large multinationals (Meta, Amazon, Google, Disney, Toyota, Netflix, Microsoft), Investment firms (Third Sphere, Obvious Ventures, Aegon, Collaborative Fund), passionate non-profits (EDF, New Energy Nexus, Surfrider, Apparel Impact Institute) and cutting edge startups (Both Burger, futureAir, New Atlantis, Plant Prefab, Water from Air).

​Past event summaries and photos here.

​Hope to see you soon!

​If event is full or you could only do this if it were in another location, please email