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New Year MAGIC Intention Setting Workshop Jan. 4, 2022

Hosted by Tara Greene
Past Event
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Set new Magical and practical intentions with a community of kindred souls enhancing and amping up the energies for 2022 in a sacred virtual star magic circle.

2022 reduces to Number 6 which is The Lovers in the Tarot. This is a year of choosing Love and uniting the complementary polarities within that we all have.

Use Divine Timing synchronicity to plan your best year in 2022. The magic of Master Numbers 22, the triple High Priestess Year, three x 2. Jupiter at 0 Pisces and Mercury at 0 Aquarius help us to invoke radical new miracles.

This is an interractive workshop. We will collectively focus on the energies of 2022 and how to make this a breakthrough year of Collective Oneness, new initiatives and Know that we are already Master Creators and Sorceresses.

Please join me LIVE in ZOOM at 7:30 pm EST Live to collectively set our New Magical Intentions for the Year ahead.

The Workshop has a sliding scale of $18-$28 or $22 U.S.

Please sign up NOW. Canadians can pay by e-transfer to

You can pay in U.S. or Canadian and please send me an email if you use this option as I don't get notification of how to contact you or pay via