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The Radical Quaker Spiritual Journey

Mon, Jan 31, 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM UTC


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The first Quakers discovered that a radical spiritual transformation resulted from learning to pay attention to the inward guidance of God. Their collective experience of surrendering together to this direct relationship enabled great spiritual power to work through them, which set in motion many liberating changes in society.

In this free 2-hr webinar, Quaker author Marcelle Martin will tell what she learned from studying the experiences of both the first Quakers and contemporary Friends, describing ten elements of the Quaker spiritual journey that were important both then and now. The transformative process she describes enables people to face the challenges of our time with radical faithfulness and God-given strength. Jennifer Hogue and Benjamin Warnke will co-facilitate. Participants will have a brief opportunity for sharing with others what you are seeking in your spiritual life.

This free webinar on Zoom can stand alone or serve as the introduction to an 8-week online study group on Our Life is Love, which will follow on subsequent Sundays, from Feb 6 to March 27. To register for the study group, click here.

About the facilitators:

Benjamin is a member of Brooklyn Meeting and a past participant in the Nurturing Faithfulness program.

Jennifer is a member of Friends Meeting at Cambridge and a past participant and associate of the Nurturing Faithfulness program.

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