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Watch the live stream: How Locally Led Organizations are Funding Their Futures

Hosted by The New Humanitarian & 3 others
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Presented by The New Humanitarian, Start Network, NEAR Network, and the White Helmets

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The aid sector has long claimed to push for localization, putting more power and money in the hands of affected communities. But realities on the ground faced by locally led organizations paint a picture of unbalanced power dynamics. Local organizations are usually the first to respond to humanitarian crises but have historically faced many barriers to securing funding to be able to carry out their essential work.

As the aid sector continues to wrestle with the reality of making good on commitments to localization outlined in the Grand Bargain, how are locally led organizations taking matters into their own hands to ensure they get the funding they need to do their work? What are some of the innovative ways organizations are going about securing financing?

This will be an essential opportunity for locally led organizations, humanitarian policymakers, donors, and other stakeholders to dialogue about visions of a future for locally led humanitarian efforts.


Irwin Loy, Policy Editor, The New Humanitarian


Hibak Kalfan, Executive Director, Network for Empowered Aid Response (NEAR)

Farouq Habib, Deputy General Manager and Head of External Affairs, The White Helmets

Christina Bennett, Chief Executive, Start Network

Degan Ali, Executive Director, Adeso

Rory Stewart, President, GiveDirectly