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Clinical Assessment of Hormone Testing: ZRT Saliva III

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In this live class, Dr Alison McAllister will discuss ZRT’s Saliva Hormone Profile 3. Some learning points discussed include:

  • The validity of using saliva as a hormone testing medium for hormones and saliva

  • How this test can help you with screening and follow up for BHRT practices as well as for women with PCOS, fatigue, low testosterone, HPA axis dysfunction.

  • Be introduced to ZRT’s test report and interpretation

  • Understand common patterns seen with menopause, andropause and HPA Axis dysfunction

  • Discuss treatment options and understand benefits and limits of this mode of testing

ZRT has been testing hormones in multiple mediums (bloodspot, saliva, urine and serum) for over 20 years. This test is the backbone of hormone testing across the country and is our most popular test. If you test with nothing else but this test people have had amazing successes.

Alison McAllister, ND has been with ZRT Laboratory for over 15 years teaching doctors across the country lab interpretation and mentoring therapeutic interventions. She is a routine lecturer for A4M, PCCA as well as routinely doing webinars for ZRT Laboratory.

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