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👃Scent of Shame 💟 Smell Your Way Home

Hosted by Sara
Past Event
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'Dark places ahead, enter with playful spirit and wonder'. 🎶
After the official 'Blue Monday" (16th of Jan), let's recharge by engaging with this experimental and experiential session 'Smell Your Way Home' and explore 'The Scent of Shame' with a playful and compassionate heart.

This experiential session is inspired by olfactory art by Maki Ueda and insights from Polyvagal Theory (work by Deb Dana, Jan Winhall & Stephen Porges). Plus work by Nirali Shah, the late Jojo Tuuliki and others on shame. The experimental design is close to my heart as I love bringing playfulness and invisible senses in shadow work as a channel for individuals to transform.

In this 120-minute session, you can expect:

  • one round of 'turn of your neighbor' at the start.
    ❓Exploring question: '👃What smells like 'home' for you?': 8 minutes

  • one round of story triad for 10 minutes.
    ❓ Exploring question: "Share a memory that involves a time when you were fascinated by a particular smell.'

  • three rounds of self-reflection in the plenary for up to 5 minutes each. During the self-reflection, there will be some soft music 🎼 playing in the background.
    ❓ Example exploring question: "Remember a time when you felt shame, observe yourself from where you are now, and notice how the feeling of shame moves through your body. You are invited to draw these sensations in colors, shapes and textures.'

  • one self-guided discovery walk 👣 of 10 minutes, during this time you are invited to explore your own surrounding through smell 🦶

  • the explanation of the exercises will be shown in the slides and also be shared in the chat during the session

    The slides will be shown through screen sharing (Canva). Feel free to DM me (or unmute and ask) during the session if you would prefer the Canva link to the slides.