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The Secret to Participation (is Facilitation)

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Ever found yourself wondering, how do I run a better meeting? How do I make it so that people will actually participate when I ask questions? How can I make bringing people together more interactive and engaging, especially when we're online?

If you've ever been nervous about getting people to participate, the solution you're looking for, is facilitation. Facilitation is the skill of making things easier. Making it easier for people to talk, interact, share, disagree, come up with ideas, make decisions.

In this 1 hour workshop we're going to dive into what is facilitation, how can you start thinking like a facilitator, and you'll leave with some concrete ways to improve the very next thing you facilitate.

This session is designed for those who aren't "facilitators" but who continuously find themselves organizing meetings or even leading trainings and workshops and want to improve their skills in those moments.

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