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Cover Image for View from the Sides - WRC23

View from the Sides - WRC23

Hosted by African Space Leadership Institute
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The International Telecommunication Union's World Radiocommunication Conference (ITU-WRC) is a critical aspect of space exploration and governance as most space activities require frequency spectrum before they can be carried out. The WRC is held once every 4 years, to determine the usage of orbital slots and spectrum, at national and international levels. Frequency spectrum is a limited resource, hence the co-opetition around its administration. As one WRC ends, activities are immediately initiated for the next conference; in this case, WRC2027. What were the deliberations and outcome of WRC2023? What should Africa begin to do now, in preparation for the WRC2027?

To discuss these issues and other relevant issues regarding frequency administration in Africa and globally, we shall be hosting Timothy Ashong and Hasan Abo Seida on our programme 'View from the Sides'.

Timothy Adi Ashong, as the Acting Director General of the Regional African Satellite Communications Organisation (RASCOM), brings over two decades of experience in networking, spectrum management, and satellite regulatory environments. His academic achievements include a Master of Science in Communications Management from New Buckinghamshire University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering from All Nations University, Ghana. His extensive expertise has been instrumental in advancing Africa's telecommunications landscape. In addition to his significant role at RASCOM, Timothy has a distinguished international presence. He was a key member of Ghana's delegation to the recently concluded World Radiocommunication Conference 2023 (WRC-23) in Dubai, demonstrating his global influence in telecommunications. Furthermore, he has served as the Vice-chair of Study Group 4 ITU-R for two consecutive terms during the WRC-15 and WRC-19, reflecting his leadership and deep understanding of the field. His active participation in global and regional radiocommunication conferences and leadership in the ECOWAS satellite regulatory group underscore his vital role in shaping telecommunications regulations and promoting effective spectrum management both in Africa and on the international stage.

Hassan Abouseda brings over 18 years of profound expertise in space operations, Radio Regulations, Space law, and policy to the forefront. Currently serving as the Director of the Frequency Coordination Department at the Egyptian Space Agency, Hassan is at the nexus of global efforts to ensure compliance with ITU Radio Regulations. In his distinguished career, Hassan has led satellite registration activities, negotiated coordination agreements, and actively engaged in spectrum management. His pivotal role extends to representing the Egyptian Space Agency at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, emphasizing the crucial intersection of space law and radio regulations. As a certified professional by international organizations including ITU, UNOOSA, NASA, and ISRO, Hassan is uniquely positioned to contribute valuable insights to the global space community. His extensive experience in space policy, science, and technology policy, coupled with a commitment to innovation, underscores his dedication to bridging the digital divide.