Cover Image for zkSpäti with zkSync & crypto girls club
Cover Image for zkSpäti with zkSync & crypto girls club
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Step into The BlockSpäti and prepare to enter a new reality where your favourite crypto brand is available to drink over the counter. Join us from day to dusk for Berlin Blockchain Week at our authentic Berlin experience: a two-floor mini-mart.

We'll be diving into account abstraction, quantum cryptography and cross-chain compatibility with a lineup so hard even Berghain couldn't curate.

PANEL - 3:30PM

'Cross-chain compatibility: redefining the collaboration between blockchains"
Hira Siddiqui - CEO & Co-Founder, Plurality Network
Lana Ivina - Blockchain Developer, Starkware
Albiona Hoti - DevRel, Matter Labs
Bianca Buzea - Head of Devrel, LUKSO


"Quantum Cryptography: Does It Have a Future?"
Olena-Ivanna Oshchypok Applied Cryptographer Engineer at Matter Labs

“Exploring the evolution of Account Abstraction (AA) and its impact since 2023"
Albiona Hoti - DevRel, Matter Labs

The session will highlight key implementations like EIP-4337 and zkSync, and provide hands-on example on native AA.


Join us for afterhours for sassy-named cocktails, free flowing food and drink, killer merch in the merch mart, live music and sets from Berlin DJs till dark.

Acoustic set by Dammy Daas
DJ set by øhr collective, including pacmax and Zwiebel Noam


zksync club mate
Savour the refreshing mate plant with a touch of zero knowledge (don't worry, we know the ingredients)

See you soon,

zkSync & crypto girls club

NEST Schank- und Speisewirtschaft
Görlitzer Str. 52, 10997 Berlin, Germany
351 Going