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CESC ZKP Workshop Dinner

Hosted by Manta Network
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About Event

After the CESC ZKP Workshop

Following a day of ZKP-focused talks for the ZKP Workshop by CESC, we invite you to an evening of food, drinks, and networking cohosted by p0xeidon labs, Oasis Labs, Scroll, and EigenLayer. Please register to join the dinner!

The dinner will be hosted at Comal Berkeley, a popular place that is a 7 min downhill walk from the ZKP workshop at The Woz in Soda Hall. With its lush, secluded patio, one open bar, world-class sound system, Comal is a fantastic option for a networking event, gathering, and mingling.

About the Sponsors

Project: p0xeidon labs
p0xeidon labs is a team of world-class contributors on a mission to enable privacy across web3. At p0xeidon labs, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right and we work to build and deploy the tools to make it accessible to the world. Powered by zero-knowledge proofs, we lead innovation in the cryptography space.

Project: Oasis labs
Oasis Labs builds technology and products in decentralized data management and privacy computing in Web3.

Project: Scroll
Twitter: @Scroll_ZKP
A native zkEVM Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum. Scaling Ethereum with cutting-edge research and technology. Pre-alpha Testnet Registration Open:

Project: EigenLayer
Twitter: @eigenlayer
EigenLayer: Hyperscaling Ethereum. A platform to leverage Ethereum security through the innovative method of restaking.