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zk中秋節 Taipei Meetup (Aleo x zksecurity)

Hosted by Aleo
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Taipei City
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​🔒 Welcome to zk中秋節 zkBBQ

Delve into the world of zero-knowledge technology with fellow enthusiasts! Whether a newbie or a seasoned professional in zk technology, this meetup is your hub.

​大家好! 來跟我們一起烤個肉慶祝中秋節,認識一下 zksecurity + Aleo。

​​​🤔 Who should come?

​Everyone from developers, researchers, students to tech aficionados eager to delve deeper into:

  • ​​​Learning more about Aleo

  • ​Learning more about zero-knowledge

  • ​Learning more about zksecurity

  • ​​​Meeting other developers + builders

​🍴What will we provide?

  • ​Lunch 烤肉

​​​Venue Location 地址

​📍 Stand Up PLZ BBQ 新村站著吃烤肉

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​Join our Aleo workshop in December at 🌐 Taipei Blockchain Week!

​​​About Aleo

​​​​Aleo is a new Layer-1 blockchain that achieves the programmability of Ethereum, the privacy of Zcash, and the scalability of a rollup.

​​​​Interested in building private applications? Aleo is the only Web3 protocol where developers can write/deploy, and users can execute any zero-knowledge application without needing to email a BD team or use a prover API..

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