Cover Image for Hack Seasons Dubai
Cover Image for Hack Seasons Dubai

Hack Seasons Dubai

Hosted by Metaverse Post
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Hack Seasons Dubai (Formerly ZK Seasons)

​​Presented by Metaverse Post and Cryptomeria Capital.

ZK Seasons is undergoing a massive expansion thanks to the large demand from our amazing community. We are inviting you to Hack Seasons - a series of community events that feature famous speakers from the world of Zero-Knowledge, DePIN, Bitcoin L2, Modular Blockchains and more.

We are expanding our agenda with more topics and the hottest market trends. Join us on April 17 to get tons of fresh Alpha, take part in networking, and learn from the great builders, founders, investors, and other esteemed guests.

⚡️ Deep-dive panel discussions and keynotes
⚡️ Countless networking opportunities
⚡️ Special venue with branded booths
⚡️ Tech workshops and seminars
⚡️ Startup Competition
⚡️ Tightly-knit community
⚡️ Hacker spirit

Hack Seasons will feature Linea's Road to Dencun Waypoint event, one of many held across the world to celebrate the Dencun upgrade and its importance for Ethereum scalability. Come join us to vibe, learn, and network as we celebrate Dencun and Ethereum across the globe!

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IMPORTANT: In order to receive your NFT ticket and accumulate Voyage XP into the wallet of your choice, please make sure to sign in on Blocklive by connecting your wallet, or linking the wallet of your choice to your email account.

Our venue is 30 seconds away from the Burj Khalifa metro station, right across the road.

Check out the official Hack Seasons resources below:

​👉 Official community

​👉 Our website

👉 Sponsor Application


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​​​​Cryptomeria Capital
Cryptomeria Capital is an early-stage VC firm based in Dubai with presence in Singapore and Hong-Kong. The firm believes decentralized projects, cryptocurrencies, and Web 3.0 will dramatically reshape economic relations and focuses on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain technology and crypto assets. Cryptomeria Capital supports transformation by providing early-stage financing for ambitious projects in a rapidly developing industry.

​​The firm has a corporate partnership with Axon Partners Group, an international consulting and investment firm that has backed over 50 companies and trades on the BME Growth Market under the ticker “APG”.

Sofitel Dubai Downtown
Sheikh Zayed Rd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates