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Aleo zkHouse Istanbul: Hacker House 👩🏽‍💻

Hosted by Aleo
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About Event

​Hacker House at Aleo zkHouse, Devconnect Istanbul: Build & deploy ZK apps to win big.

Day 2: zkHackerHouse
Duration: 9 AM - 9 PM

⚡️ HACKATHON UPDATE: We've removed the in-person pitching aspect from the hackathon. There is NO in-person pitching component. For more details on pitching submissions, see Hackathon page on DevPost.

Join our Hacker House

Our Hacker House event is an open hacking day for developers to co-work, network, and hang with other ZK app enthusiasts. You can also get expert guidance directly from the Aleo Team and bounty presenters on your ZK projects and enjoy free food and drinks.

For official zkHackathon rules and registration, visit:

Plus: We’re excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind integration with Icebreaker, where the more you participate in our zkHouse activities, the more likely you’ll receive a dynamically integrated NFT. As an early user, you’ll also get onboarded Icebreaker, a decentralized networking platform leveraging zero-knowledge proofs.

Get big rewards

Fully deployed projects on Aleo will be judged and rewarded:

  • ​1st place: $15,000

  • ​2nd place: $10,000

  • ​3rd place: $5,000

  • Bounties: $24,000 ($3000 x 8)

Archblock Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Best stablecoin implementation in Leo

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Avail Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Shamir’s Secret Sharing Algorithm in Leo

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Demox Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Best zkID: NFTs powered by web2 data

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

V23 Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Best 4vs4 game on an existing 3vs3 game

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Kryha Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Best zkLeaderboard

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Veridise Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Leo Bug Hunting with Vanguard

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Humine Labs Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Best use of the Aleo Swift SDK and On-Device Processing on iOS

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Puzzle Bounty

  • Bounty Name: Best Casino Game

  • Bounty 💰 Details: USD 3000

Who should attend?

ZK enthusiasts who:

  • Have a knack for hacking and want to implement their ideas using Aleo

  • ​Aim to build apps that show zero-knowledge’s potential for real-world solutions

  • ​Seek feedback, collaboration, or simply wish to pitch their innovations

We’re here to champion your ideas

The Aleo team is present throughout to assist and cheer you on. We’ve got you — whether you're looking for technical help, strategic insights, or inspiration.

Venue Location

📍The Big Room at SoHo House Istanbul, Evliya Çelebi, Meşrutiyet Cd. No:56, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Türkiye

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About Aleo

Aleo is zero-knowledge by design— the only full-stack Layer 1 blockchain integrating ZK at every level to build an actually secure internet. Aleo provides a zero-knowledge technology platform with uncompromising speed and privacy, allowing developers to build full-stack, private applications with the power of ZK on L1.

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