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Hosted by Manta Network
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About zkDay Istanbul

Hosted by Manta Network, Cointelegraph, Polychain, and nil; Foundation.

Sponsored by Aleo, zkSync, Taiko, Veridise

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Hi frens, we're exciting to share with you that zkDay is coming to Istanbul! Register now and share the news with your friends group ❤️ 🎉 We can't wait to see you in person!

zkDay Agenda:
Date: Nov 13th
Location: Intercontinental Istanbul

12:30 PM: Registration & Welcome

1:00 PM zkDay Pitch Competition

2:30 PM: PANEL 1 : zkEVM
Moderator: HER DAO | Tracey Bowen, founder
- Polyhedra | Tiancheng Xie, CTO
- RedStone Oracles | Jakub Wojciechowski, Founder
- Taiko | Brecht Devos, Cofounder and CTO
- nil; | Misha Komarov, CEO and Co-founder

3:00 PM: Fireside chat
- Manta | Kenny Li, Co-founder
- Celestia | Nick White, COO

3:30 PM: PANEL 2: Privacy
Moderator: Mina Foundation | Natasha Carter, VP of MarComms
- Aleo | Viviane Ford, Head of Community
- Aztec | Josh Crites, Head of Developer Relations
- Hyper Oracle | Kartin Wong, Co-founder

4:00 PM: Keynote 1: Polygon | Bobbin Threadbare, Co-founder

4:15 PM: Keynote 2: nil; | Misha Komarov, CEO and Co-founder

4:30 PM: PANEL 3: ZK Mass Adoption
Moderator: Polychain | Luke Pearson
- Manta | Shabham, Ecosystem Lead
- Axiom | Yi Sun, Co-founder
- Zircuit | Martin Derka, Technical Lead
- Linea | Declan Fox, Product Lead of Linea

5:00PM: Tech Talk 1
- nil; | Misha Komarov, CEO and Co-founder

5:15PM: Tech Talk 2: Bringing AI power to Ethereum with Accessible zkML
- TACEO | Lukas Helminger, Co-founder

5:30 PM: PANEL 4: Hardware
Moderator: CyberFund | Walt Smith
- Fabric | Michael Gao, Founder and CEO
- Cysic | Shervin Beyk, Head of BD
- Veridise | Yanju Chen, Chief Research Scientist & Co-Founder
- O1Labs | Brandon Kase, CTO

6:00 PM: Tech Talk 3: From a*b to zkDoom
- MixBytes | Sergey Prilutskiy, CRO

6:15 PM: Tech Talk 4: Breaking the Performance and Programmability Tradeoff for ZK Hardware
- Fabric | Michael Gao, CEO

6:30 PM: Tech Talk 5: Optimization of zkSNARK gadget libraries
- zkSync | Olena-Ivanna Oshchypok, Applied Cryptography Engineer

7:00 PM: Networking and Closing

Structure of the venue:

☝️Main Hall:
- Booth and Networking
☝️Meeting Room:
- zkDay Pitch Competition
- Keynotes and VC/Industry Panel talks

With a lineup of 20+ speakers and a special zkDay Pitch Competition showcasing early-stage ZK projects, you'll have access to networking opportunities in a nice mixture of high quality crowd we're aiming to bring in, ensuring you can connect with the perfect group of people.

About zkDay Pitch Competition:
👉 [zkDay Istanbul Pitch Competition Participant Handbook]
👉 [Apply here]

In partnership with ETHGlobal, we proudly present the zkDay Pitch Competition on Nov 13th at zkDay Istanbul, featuring selective high-quality ZK projects at various stages, from those embarking on their fundraising journey to those who have recently completed their seed round.

🧑‍🚀Why Participate?

🚀 Join the zkDay Pitch Competition
🍿 Discover 10+ curated early-stage ZK projects
💪 Participate in VC and ZK panels all day.
🛠 Explore the Sponsors' booths
🍔 Enjoy tables, WiFi, food, and drinks all day

📖 Speakers and Sponsors coming soon!

About zkDay

zkDay stands as the premiere series of IRL ZK conferences, dedicated to creating top-notch community gatherings, facilitating learning and networking, and driving the progress and application of ZK.

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