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zkDay Denver

Hosted by Manta Network
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About ZK Day Denver

Presented by Polychain and Manta Network

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Sponsored and supported by Scroll, Aleo, Veridise, Nil, Cysic, Modulus Labs, Hyper Oracle, and other amazing ZK projects.

Join the ZK community at ZK Day Denver, a one-day ZK event taking place on February 28th during ETHDenver Buidl week. Our 8,500 square feet venue, located just 5 minutes away from the ETH Denver venue, is the perfect setting to immerse yourself in all things zero-knowledge proofs. This event will bring together experts and enthusiasts for ZK talks, discussions, and interactive activities.

👨‍🚀 Why Participate

🛠 Informative! ZK talks throughout the day
🛠 Supportive! Mentor booths from our Sponsors
🛠 Just come, vibe, and hack! Tables, WiFi, food and drinks all day for you hackers to gather and work on projects
🛠 Have fun! Live DJ spinning music from 6 to 9

Whether you are hackers who are specifically building ZK-based solutions and applications, or just enthusiastic about ZK, you'll have the opportunity to co-work with fellow builders, receive expert mentorship from ZK professionals and attend informative panels. Food and drinks are provided all day to keep you fueled and focused.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to advance your ZK-based projects, network with like-minded individuals, and take your building to the next level.

🚀SPACE IS LIMITED! RSVP now to secure your spot for ZK Day Denver!


* VC Panel: Capture the Long-Term Value in ZK

* ZK Panel 1: ZK Applications: Programmability and Privacy

* ZK Panel 2: Accelerating ZK adoption

* ZK Panel 3: zk(E)VMs, On-Chain Superpowers, and Security

* Workspace for builders
* Booth area for mentors and sponsors
* Lounge area for networking and relaxing
* Snacks and beverages will be served
* Entertainment area: Ping Pong table and Photo Booth!

6PM to 9PM - Networking
* DJ live music
* Space for chatting and connecting
* Food and beverages will be served

Sponsors and Speakers

Top web3 projects in the ZK and privacy space are putting together the event. We have an amazing roster of speakers and topics that we'll be covering. Don't miss the opportunity to interact with and learn from our esteemed sponsors, who will be providing valuable mentorship opportunities at their booth.


Manta Network
​Manta Network is building on-chain privacy for web3 using zero-knowledge proofs. With a specific focus on user experience, Manta Network is building programmable and composable privacy for crypto assets and decentralized applications. Since 2020, Manta Network has been building and has expanded to become a global team of core contributors with financing from Polychain, CoinFund, Binance, and others. Manta Network is founded by veterans in the crypto space with backgrounds from MIT, Harvard, and Algorand.
Twitter: @MantaNetwork

Polychain Capital
Polychain is an investment firm committed to exceptional returns for investors through actively managed portfolios of these blockchain assets.
Twitter: @polychaincap

Ankr  is a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider that helps developers, decentralized applications, and stakers interact easily with an array of blockchains. You can access APIs and RPCs to build DApps easily, stake on Ankr Earn, and get custom solutions for blockchain enterprise needs.
Twitter: @ankr

Cysic, incorporated in August 2022, focuses on hardware acceleration for zero-knowledge proof (ZKP). ZKP is widely used in the blockchain industry for both privacy and scalability. The goal of Cysic is to provide blazing fast proof generation service to any project that uses ZKP, via our own hardware (FPGA or ASIC). Cysic is the frontrunner in the ZKP hardware space, delivering significantly better performance than its industry peers.
Twitter: @cysic_xyz

=nil; Foundation was established in April of 2018 to facilitate and support research and development in database management systems and applied cryptography.
With it's internal teams =nil; Foundation intends to create a tightly integrated set of technologies becoming a basis for secure data storages operating in insecure environments.
Twitter: @nil_foundation

The Native zkEVM Scaling Solution for Ethereum - Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum that enables native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools.
Twitter: @Scroll_ZKP

SevenX Ventures
SevenX Ventures is a venture capital founded by crypto veterans with an average industry experience of 5 years. They insist on providing relentless support, from marketing to fundraising, from tokenomic design to resource integration, for projects and helping entrepreneurs succeed.
Twitter: @SevenXVentures

Veridise is a blockchain security company that provides audits and software analysis tools for all layers of the blockchain ecosystem, including smart contracts, zero-knowledge circuits, and blockchain implementations. Veridise is a leading player in ZKP-related security solutions and has audited (and found vulnerabilities in) several ZKP protocols, including core Circom libraries. Veridise is also a leading player in smart contract audits and has found critical vulnerabilities in projects that have been audited by multiple other security companies. Apart from providing expert auditing services, Veridise also provides automated security analysis tools that can be used by our clients for internal audits and validation.
Twitter: @VeridiseInc

Aleo is the leading developer platform for building fully-private, scalable, and cost-effective decentralized applications. Using zero-knowledge cryptography, Aleo moves smart contract execution off-chain to enable new use cases like identity, finance, and gaming, scaling to thousands of transactions per second. Built on a decentralized and permissionless blockchain, Aleo brings the flexibility of Ethereum with a more scalable architecture that’s designed from the ground up for privacy.
Twitter: @AleoHQ

Hyper Oracle
Hyper Oracle is a programmable zkOracle network that safeguards blockchain security and decentralization. From indexing to smart contract automation, its meta apps make on-chain data verifiable and secure with fast finality. Hyper Oracle empowers developers to interact with blockchain data in new ways.
Twitter: @HyperOracle

Modulus Labs
Verifying machine intelligence since 2022 — using the world’s fastest ZK-AI prover
Twitter: @ModulusLabs

HashKey Capital
Global in influence and crypto-native, HashKey Capital is a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, founders and talents advance the blockchain industries.
HashKey Capital, one of the largest crypto funds and the earliest institutional investor in Ethereum, has managed over US$1 billion in client assets since its inception, with over 500 investments in infrastructure, tools, and applications.
With our deep knowledge across the blockchain ecosystem, HashKey Capital has built a robust network connecting founders, investors, developers, and regulators. 
Twitter: @HashKey_Capital