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Scrum in Construction and Engineery : Two case studies

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When the number of customers increases (very nice-to-have problem) and the complexity increases, it is not easy to grow in size while maintaining excellent quality.

We need a global and shared vision of priorities, shared responsibilities, delegation, autonomy, and simple processes with an easy onboarding of new personnel.

How to achieve this? Agile and Scrum sound like the solution.

We will see the never-ending journey of TWO engineering and construction Companies improving themselves, moving from "resources" assigned to projects to cohesive teams of professionals capable of delighting customers in a coordinated and cross-functional way. 

Thanks to understanding clients' needs, clear prioritization, transparency, and continuous improvement, these Firms are using Scrum to express the best of their potential.


NET Engineering is a group of highly esteemed, reputable, and reliable engineering companies strategically located in different national markets and constantly present at the European level, with over 40 years of significant experience. The NET Group has kept its native family-run business approach pumping in its DNA. This is a vital characteristic that distinguishes our approach when compared to those of other large-scale multinational companies. It is only in sitting by a client's side and adopting a flexible, two-pairs-of-hands approach that we can offer suitable, long-term solutions to satisfy every need of our clients and projects' stakeholders.


ENCOTECH is a company with Swiss precision and Italian creativity that operates in several areas, from civil engineering to infrastructure, both nationally and internationally.

ENCOTECH took care of small to large projects, both public and private. They work in many areas from the residential to hotel industry, from commercial to industrial or from sport industry to large theaters and museums, and offer a complete, efficient, and modern service of Project Management, Design, Direction of Works and Cost Control. Thanks to its teams, Encotech can handle all construction phases, from the feasibility study to the final testing.