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Bring your tough client story.

Have you hit a bump, a snag, a persnickety feeling that your coaching relationship is not as effective as you would like?

What’s going on? Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s them. Maybe an adult stage is in the way.  

This nifty chart above packs about 9 lifetimes of serious scholarly work into seven paragraphs.  It is a roadmap of the different stages that some adults travel as seek to make sense of the world. 

And btw, Adult Stage Development, is a very tricky thing; people can be at one stage in some areas and at another stage in a different area. Picture a vertical spiral with different aspects of our lives on different levels.

This discussion is all about how we think about thinking and how about our clients do too.  And yes, it can be a moving target. 

Let’s talk about it May 17, 1:00pm 2:30pm CT.  

​Drew originally trained as a coach at Georgetown University and is a big fan of the Futurosity approach. He holds a Phd in psychology and is a fellow of the Institute for Social Innovation.

He has presented at annual conferences for the Institute for Leadership Transformation at Georgetown University, University of Chicago, and the International Society for Performance Improvement, among others.

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