Cover Image for Making Your Dreams True: How to Create a Sustainable Podcast Show and Online Community with A "Build As We Go" Mentality

Making Your Dreams True: How to Create a Sustainable Podcast Show and Online Community with A "Build As We Go" Mentality

Hosted by Rising Filipinas with Therese Miu
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This Series is carefully curated to host candid connections in a non-competitive, non-shaming environment. The open exchange of ideas, information and strategies for facing the latest challenges we are all facing today.  

​​​We’re community builders, artists, teachers, coaches, scientists, entrepreneurs, mamas, and all the other things we can be.  

​We want to make your dreams a reality in 2023. Spend January and February immersing yourself in the strategies of experts who have successfully broken the code to success. This is your moment to discover how to use the power of intention and focus to manifest your heart’s desires. 

​​​Our Community Agreements

  • ​​​Keep an open mind

  • ​​​Listen with an open heart

  • ​​​Be willing to try new things

  • ​​​Treat each other with kindness and respect

  • ​​​Respect privacy: Share the lessons not the details

​In this Series, we will:

  • ​Gain clarity on what you want to manifest in 2023

  • ​Break past your fear and take action towards your dreams

  • ​Translate your ideas and interests into a podcast

  • ​Speak boldly to a live audience

  • ​Grow your audience and share your expertise on LinkedIn

  • ​develop a successful online business and bring it into the physical realm

  • ​Understand how mental health and financial wealth are connected 

​Ready for your dreams to be true? Join us, register today.

Workshop Descriptions
Back in Summer 2019, Jen and Nani never expected to be where they are today as podcasters, content creators, and now business partners. Later with 200+ podcast episodes, two award nominations, two academic papers, multiple media features, and a growing online community, they share how you can create a sustainable show and an online community with the “Build As We Go” Mentality."

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What I loved most about the events are the intimacy, friendly, and warm vibe from the facilitator and participants. The workshop topics are diverse, and they’ve all been great. Some topics were new to me like past-life regression. I appreciated being able to experience something different and impactful."

"Really loved connecting and sharing with other women. Being in a positive and encouraging environment was an inspiration to develop the creative side of myself. It also reminds me to be more outward-centric - “What can I do to give back to others?”

​"I’m truly thankful that this has turned into a sisterhood and support system. Being a small business owner, Rising Filipinas has brought me in a community that supports and empowers each other. Their workshops and events have helped me to get a better sense of self connection and have helped me connect with amazing individuals who align with my values and goals. So thankful to have found Rising Filipinas!"

​"I enjoyed everything, from content to hosts to everyone who attended. Every workshop always has something to learn; it gives a feeling of family, a home away from home. It empowers women and provides a safe space to be the authentic us. More power to all of you, and cheers to another great season; looking forward to next season."

"So thankful for inspiration + soulful women"

“You truly have created a phenomenal service in the world! I'm blessed to have taken part in your offering at this transformational moment in human history. I greatly appreciate the support, encouragement, and clarity you gave me. It was a major shift; one that I'm so happy to have made.”

​​​"What an amazing and wonderful talk series sharing fears and routine with such exceptional people on zoom panel. I love it. I feel so grateful to you about your action , sharing love, support tips and this special time. I will of course join your conversation again."

​​​"Thank you for creating this supportive and fun online community."

​​​"I loved it! You created a very friendly, inviting, and intimate experience. I was surprised how genuine and real everyone was and how enjoyable it was. Thank you so much.”

​​​"These weekly calls are my connection to meeting new women and learning and sharing from each other. We’re all such an amazing abundant wealth of knowledge and while riding out the quarantine alone physically I’m able to still connect and feel supported which is an amazing blessing that I’m incredibly thankful for." 

​​​"It's a chance to be with other people - I live alone and it's a pandemic."

​​​"EVERYTHING. No, seriously. The sense of community, connection. Being able to take that hour each week. Tuesday is the best day of my week because of it."

​​​"These calls are one of the highlights of my week. Like everyone I was really anxious about what life during the pandemic would look like, but these calls have really helped me accept this crazy new normal. Thank you so much for organizing this call and bringing in such awesome speakers."