Shadow Play - bringing more into the light

Apr 28 (Wed), 12:00 AM - 1:30 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Do you have a shadow that follows you around? Most of us do. In fact, most of us have several shadows that won’t let us be.

Shadows are all the parts of ourselves or our past that we wish never existed, so we stuff them into a corner or under the bed and hope they’ll go away. But they usually don’t.

By getting to know our shadows better - what they feel like, what they may even look or sound like - we move them into the light and live with them instead of around them.

This workshop will walk you through some exercises to get to know your shadows through creative visioning, drawing, writing and provide opportunities to share them with others. We’ll round up a whole cast of shadows together.

Important things to know about this workshop:

  • You do not need to be great at art or writing to do this workshop. You will be able to use whatever medium feels comfortable to you.

  • It does require you to share something personal of yourself.

  • It does require imagination and humility.

  • You can take this workshop again and again - because (I hate to break it to you) shadows never truly go away. We maintain our relationships with shadows and relationships require ongoing work.

  • Warning: You may start to feel lighter after this workshop.

Workshop is led by Melissa Wong, a coach and human enthusiast who makes learning about oneself collaborative and even fun.

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