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As part of LabWeek22 by Protocol Labs, Zama is throwing a party on Thursday 27th of October. The idea is to connect web3 entrepreneurs and builders, meet the Zama team, discuss privacy, crypto—graphy and blockchain... And have a good time!!!!

Food, drinks and music - aproveite! 🌮🎉💃

Join us from 7pm @ Flat Eventos in the city center of Lisbon.

(The event is free but please register to join us)

About Zama

Zama is working on Homomorphic encryption (FHE) - a technology that enables processing data without decrypting it. This can be used to create private smart contracts on top of public, permissionless blockchains, where only specific users would be able to see the transaction data and contract states. While FHE used to be too slow to be practical, recent breakthroughs are now making this possible in the next couple of years.

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