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Zama Meetup & Afterwork: Demystifying Blockchain Privacy

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About Event

This meetup is organized by the team at Zama, as an affiliate event to the Labweek23 by the team at Protocol Labs.

The workshop: 6pm-7:30pm 🤓⛓

Current blockchain transparency is an issue when on-chain data needs to be confidential.

Zama’s fhEVM, the only protocol based on fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) enabling both transparency and confidentiality, allows computing on the encrypted data on-chain.

Following the release of the Zama's fhEVM white paper, Morten Dahl, Zama's Senior Blockchain Director, will dive into how FHE can be integrated directly into the EVM.

He will also explain how it is enabling developers to write private smart contracts in Solidity, and will tell more about how FHE can contribute to blockchain privacy in comparison to other existing technologies.

The after workshop: 7:30pm-11pm 🍕🍺

Right after the meetup the venue will be transformed into a lounge and you’ll be invited to enjoy drinks, food and music with the Zama team. Join us and let’s discuss everything blockchain, privacy and homomorphic encryption.
We hope you are excited, because we are!

Location 📍

Gabbro Bar, at the entrance of the Swissotel.

About Zama

Zama is a cryptography company developing open-source tools to help developers use Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).