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AI & Campaigning Hack Day

Hosted by Campaign Lab
Past Event
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New AI technologies are likely to have an effect on the next election. From deep fakes to automated individual targeting how might AI shape what is possible in campaigning?

As progressive technologists we need to get tooled up! What tools might campaigners need ahead of the next election? What potential use cases are there for this technology? How can we guard against it's potentially more problematic consequences?

Join us at the AI and Campaigning Hack Day, where we'll be exploring the potential of AI to transform progressive campaigns! Collaborate with experts and enthusiasts and campaigners to explore what kind of tools and tech we can create using this technology. Whether you're a technologist interested in AI or a seasoned campaigner, this event offers a unique opportunity to learn and innovate.

10:00 People arrive, breakfast 🥐🌞

10:15 Welcome & going through the projects and inviting pitches from people in the room 👋

10:30 Team forming & making plans 🤝

10:45 Get hacking! 💻✊

13:00 Lunch 🍲🥖

14:00 Back at the hacking! 💻😅

15:30 Check Ins! ✅

18:30 Presentations 🥁 

19:30 BBQ Dinner & Drinks 🍔🔥

22:00 CLOSE 👋

All progressive technologists, activists, organisers and campaigners, are welcome!

All you need is to bring yourself and a laptop!

What is Campaign Lab?

Campaign Lab is a community of politically-minded progressive data scientists, researchers and activists who are working together to build new election tools and change the way we analyse and understand political election campaigning.

Any questions, thoughts or ideas - do get in touch and say hi!