Cover Image for Climate happy hour by Climate Capital and Goodwin @ Ampaire at LA #techweek

Climate happy hour by Climate Capital and Goodwin @ Ampaire at LA #techweek

Hosted by Schaffer & 4 others
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Hawthorne, California
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​Climate Capital, Goodwin, and Ampaire are hosting the Climate Happy Hour at LA #TechWeek.

Meet founders, operators and VCs from the booming climate tech ecosystem. The happy hour will be at Ampaire's hangar (a center for aerospace innovation since 1939, named after Jack Northrop who used the facility as a testbed).

This event is a part of #TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.

It is a happy hour - we highly recommend Uber/Lyft. If you must drive, the new parking location is at Lowe's.

Climate Capital has invested in 200+ exceptional climate-impact companies since 2015. Our platform approach across funds & syndicates—Seed, Accelerate, Bio, and Syndicate—has allowed us to build expertise in specific verticals and across stages while leveraging efficiencies of scale. Our founders have access to several Partners, dozens of network resources, & thousands of LPs to accelerate growth. Learn more about Climate Capital.

About Goodwin: We are in the business of building authentic, long-term relationships with our clients, who are some of the world’s most successful and innovative investment managers, investors, entrepreneurs and disruptors in the climate tech, technology, private equity, real estate, life sciences and financial industries, and where they converge. Our immersive understanding of these industries – combined with our fund structuring expertise across multiple asset classes and countries – sets us apart. To learn more about our global law firm, please visit

Los Angeles-based Ampaire was formed in 2016 with a mission to become the world’s most-trusted developer of practical, compelling electric aircraft. The company has developed a platform of technologies to upgrade passenger and cargo aircraft to hybrid-electric power, and has scored a series of industry firsts, most notably having flown its hybrid electric planes 17,000 miles.  Learn more @