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Data for Good - Data and Analytics Retro for Charities and NGOs

Hosted by Molly - The Developer Society
Past Event
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Have you ever wondered about the different ways charities and NGO's can use data and analytics?

The smartest charities are using data and analytics to raise more money, reach more people, and deliver better programmes.

Do you feel like you're missing out on better results because you could be managing your data better?

At this event you have the chance to share what you are doing on data but also hear from the other nonprofits about how they are using the value of the data they hold.

This event is being hosted by The Developer Society (DEV). DEV are a not-for-profit digital agency, working with NGOs and groups with a progressive mission to help make the world we live in a better place. DEV are hosting this retro as part of their research into how charities and nonprofits can use data and analytics. Findings will be anonymised and used to produce a free report for the sector.

Using a retrospective (or 'retro') format, you are the expert in the room. You'll be invited to share your own experience, and will hear from others working across the sector about their learnings. Retros are a way to reflect on a project together, to explore what worked, what didn't work and identify opportunities to improve.

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