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Layer 2 Day with Fuel [Sold Out]

Hosted by Jack Summers
Past Event
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This event is now sold out. If you did not sign up for a ticket, you will not be able to gain access to this event.

For those that did manage to secure a ticket: please note that the venue has limited capacity. To ensure admission, please arrive earlier rather than later.


Fuel Labs is hosting a Layer 2 Day at ETHDenver to gather researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss new themes, patterns, and ideas in the layer 2 space.

This is an opportunity to connect with leading developers and researchers in the scaling space for a day of programming and panels, followed by a happy hour.

Hear from leaders in the scaling space, including the teams behind Arbitrum, Optimism, Scroll, Starkware, Aztec, Eclipse, zkSync, Astria, Nomad, Celestia, Fenbushi Capital, Blockchain Capital, Maven 11, Fuel, and chat with members of our core team as we continue on the road to Fuel mainnet.

Hosted by Fuel Labs, with support from Fenbushi Capital and Celestia.

Layer 2 Day - Main Event
12:00pm - Doors Open
01:00pm - Opening note from Cami Ramos
01:05pm - Panel #1 - Blockchain Languages
02:00pm - Talk from Jesse Pollak (Base)
02:30pm - Panel #2 - Bridging
03:00pm - Canapés served
03:30pm - Fireside Chat
04:00pm - Panel #3 - Alternate VMs vs. EVM
04:45pm - Lightning Talk from Celestia
05:10pm - Panel #4 - Account Abstraction
05:55pm - Closing note from Cami Ramos

Layer 2 Day - Afterparty
06:00pm - Canapés served
07:00pm - Fuel Labs Afterparty with open bar
09:00pm - Afterparty ends

This event is now completely sold out. Admission for those that managed to signup for a ticket will be on a first come, first served basis.