Cover Image for AI Lead Gen Week by Clay & Smartlead
Cover Image for AI Lead Gen Week by Clay & Smartlead
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AI Lead Gen Week by Clay & Smartlead

Hosted by Mishti Sharma (Clay) & Vaibhav Namburi
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We're celebrating Clay's AI email drafting feature with Smartlead, launching next Tuesday!

You'll be able to write entire personalized messages with AI in Clay—and send them to campaigns in Smartlead.

Join us on Dec. 5-6 for a killer set of live Q&As from four lead gen legends to learn how to use AI to run your outbound email campaigns. If you can't make it, we'll send you a recording! 🚀

Here's our lineup:

Tuesday 12/5

​10-11am ET: How to PRINT Checks without Going to Jail (using Cold Email)

with Jesse Ouellette

Learn about how to use AI and a killer sales tech stack to make sure your emails get delivered amongst the evolving changes in service provider rules. Jesse is the founder of LeadMagic and an expert on outbound strategy, email infrastructure, and deliverability.

11-12pm ET: Launch your 1st AI Cold Email Campaign

with Eric Nowoslawski

Learn how to work backwards from the best message you would send manually—to send that automatically. Eric is the founder of Growth Engine X and sends >800k cold emails a month that routinely double or triple clients' positive response rates.

Weds 12/6

10-11am ET: How To Structure & Manage Your Agency Clients

with Nick Abraham

If you want to scale your agency to 100+ active clients, you're going to need some powerful processes in place. Learn from Nick, a world expert on sales automation and client management who works with over 150+ clients at his agency, LeadBird.

11-12pm ET: Creating Offers That People Actually Buy

with Daniel Fazio

Learn how to formulate offers that actually work for cold outbound sequences. Daniel runs one of the largest cold email accounts on Twitter as well as Client Ascension, the largest cold email coaching service.

To learn more about using Clay's messaging integration with Smartlead, check out this help guide.

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