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Defining and setting OKRs for your team

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Join Reshma Shahabuddin, Managing Director at Rynovo in conversation on defining and setting OKRs for your team

The conversation will be focused on these points:

  1. Align with the big picture: When you're defining and setting OKRs, make sure they align with the overall mission and goals of your organization. That way, you know you're working towards something bigger.

  2. Get your team involved: Get your team members involved in the process. This way, they'll feel invested in the OKRs and be more likely to work towards achieving them. Plus, they might have great ideas to contribute.

  3. Keep it simple and trackable: Make sure your objectives are clear and concise, and have specific, measurable key results tied to them. Also, use tools like spreadsheet, Confluence or project management software to keep track of your progress and adjust as needed.

Here’s what will happen during out 45 minutes together:

  • 10 minutes - kickoff and insights from host on the conversation's topic

  • 30 minutes - open Q&A, discussion and workshop

  • 5 minutes - wrap-up and next steps

When you RSVP, you'll get the option to submit a challenge to workshop in real-time with your host and peers. Why this matters:

  • Get real, tangible next steps to a sticky situation recommended by exceptional leaders

  • Help others out. Peers face the same ruts, and your question helps everyone in the room

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