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Of Solitude and Other Essays by Montaigne

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Montaigne is the independent scholar par excellence, a French nobleman who quit society for 10 years to read and write. His inquiries and musings invented the modern essay genre and inspired many of the greatest thinkers and writers after him.

Many of the essays are quite short, though some, like Experience (arguably his most famous), are on the longer side. Before meeting, you will read:

  • On Friendship

  • Of Cannibals

  • Idleness

  • Of Solitude

  • By Different Methods Men Arrive at the Same End

  • Of Sorrow

  • Our Affections Carry Themselves Beyond Us

  • Of Experience

While reading, please prepare some written observations, or at the very least some questions for discussion.

I'll begin with some remarks on what I find most interesting, but these meetings are primarily for you to develop your own ideas around the material.

If you have any questions, just reply to any Other Life email.