Cover Image for I WOOF YOU-Celebrates National Pet Day
Cover Image for I WOOF YOU-Celebrates National Pet Day
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I WOOF YOU-Celebrates National Pet Day

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National Pet Day celebrates the joy that pets bring into people's lives and encourages people to help reduce the number of animals in shelters. Bringing humans and animals together helps make the world a better place

I Woof You will be at the famous Chateau Le Woof,  the First & Finest Dog Café In the USA. Female-founded in Queens, Château Le Woof is the best place for you and your dog to Wag, Eat, Drink. Vips and invited guests will experience a quick 15 minute destination Ferry Ride from NYC to Vernon Blvd . As they walk in dog tunes , games will be hosted specifically for Dogs & their Owners as Puptizers, Dog Latte’s including light bites and drinks for Pet Owners will be served. . Vip‘s Get A chance to win Giveaways, Swag and My Pet & Me photo opportunity.

Dr.  Christina Rahm, CEO of DRC Ventures and Co Founder of The Root Brands and Bill + Coo is coming to New York to celebrate National Pet Day!

“ I am happy to celebrate with Pet Owners and their pets for our event as we discuss their health, tips for wellness and the Bill & Coo brand which we have designed an environmentally friendly, luxury pet and owner clothing line as well” We are also excited to partner with Global Strays founded by Elizabeth Shafiroff focusing on animal welfare and The Pet Lady Founded by Dana Humprey as we host a panel discussing this topic of Animal Health and Wellness,  says Christina Rahm

The luxury supplemental line brand, Bill + Coo is a nano-biotech technology offering an unbeatable barrier against hazardous toxins such as EMF radiation; heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus, while supporting non-exposure of radio frequency electromagnetic particles from 5G. This line will give animal owners the opportunity to better focus on their pets' health through our light detoxing and supplemental formulas.” 

All lines will include Pure Clean Pets involving nutraceuticals, detoxification products, and a pro-biotic supplement line. 

Get A Chance to WIN in our AUCTION $500 of Health & Wellness Products for you & Your Pet by

Win in Our Raffles Outfits for your fur baby, Global Strays goodies and Root brands products.

To learn more about DRC Ventures, Bill & Coo, and The ROOT Brands:  

Bill & Coo Website:

The Root Brands Website: 

The Root Brands Instagram: @therootbrands_



HOST -The Pet Lady

Dana Humphrey is an Agent of Culture, People Gatherer and Parade Expert, celebrating dancing in the streets with Dance Parade New York, and she also the instigator of the Rockaway Dog Parade. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Dana is a Life Coach, Death Doula, Author, Consultant and a Hot Yoga Instructor among other things. Humphrey moved to New York from California in 2008, and has chosen Queens, the most diverse place in the world, as her home all these years, from Astoria to Woodside and now Rockaway Park. She currently acts as the Chair for “Rockaway Creates” a local non-profit which aims to bring the peninsula of Rockaway together through creativity, community and action. Dana enjoys life as a cat mama to Chance and Sassy and lives in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens, NY. Learn more at 

Elizabeth (Liz)Shafiroff became involved in animal rescue in her early twenties when she adopted her first dog: Rusty, a Shiba-Inu rescue who came from a kill shelter in Kentucky. This began her strong affinity for all animals, and she soon became a foster mom for pitbulls who were scheduled to be euthanized at New York City’s Animal Care & Control Centers. Years later, she began traveling outside of the United States and was shocked by the overpopulation crisis of stray animals and the suffering of working animals. 

 On her first trip to Nicaragua, Liz began seeking out local animal rescuers and veterinarians in an attempt to learn more about the stray and working animals that seemed to be everywhere she turned. Liz was immediately moved and inspired by their dedication and passion for animals despite not having the resources they needed for their work, largely due to a lack of funding. Global Strays emerged from her desire to help these rescuers, local veterinarians, economically disadvantaged pet owners, and their communities.

Thank you to our Partners: LO Mein Productions and Saki The Sad Dog.





Château le Woof
3101 Vernon Blvd, Queens, NY 11106, USA
Directions to Chateau Le Woof! BEST ROUTE: Via The NYC Ferry from Manhattan/BrooklynJump on the Astoria Ferry to the Astoria Stop and its less than a 5 minute walk down Vernon to CLWMTA VIA Transit N, Q or W to Broadway Stop, walk down Broadway to Vernon (10-15 minutes), make a right on Vernon, 2 blocks to CLW or jump on Q104 bus on Broadway instead of walking VIA Driving from Manhattan59th St/Queensboro Bridge, use Upper Roadway to Queens, make an immediate left. On QueensPlaza South to Vernon, right on Vernon about 10 minutes to CLW
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