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YouthINK with Network Capital: Open House

Hosted by Network Capital
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The YouthINK with Network Capital will be a yearlong immersion program where school students will spend an hour every weekend learning from top CEOs, academics, artists, scientists and policy makers. This experience is designed to complement conventional schooling, spark curiosity and propel ambitious students to build their category of one. In the inaugural cohort of the program we will work closely with 100 students, help them identify their core strengths and equip them with the knowledge, network and mental models to build meaningful careers in the twenty-first century.

We are inspired to help students discover what they care most about, work on foundational skills (critical thinking, writing, public speaking), build a strong community and emerge as leaders who make a measurable impact in whatever they choose to pursue.

Learning is contextual. There is no perfect school for every student. Cultural context matters. Relatable mentors matter. Our mission is to enable every student in our school to have a tribe of relatable mentors for life.

This weekly enrichment programme will bring together some of the best faculty members and will create a immersive learning environment in which they will get access to -

  1. Live sessions with faculty members

  2. Learning resources to practice

  3. Personalised guidance and feedback to improve and get better

  4. A community of other curious and ambitious students to learn with