YOLOv4 Object Detection with OpenCV and Python



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A short hands-on workshop on getting started with YOLOv4 Object Detection.

We will be writing code to detect common objects in images and videos using OpenCV and Python.

There will be live Q&A section to discuss and understand how things work. We will be running the code on Google Colab. All the files and Jupyter notebooks will be shared with the participants.

This will be a beginner friendly event. All skill levels are welcome.

About the host

Arun Ponnusamy

​Computer Vision Research Engineer at US based Healthcare AI Startup. More than half a decade of experience in the AI industry. Passionate about Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Blogger (www.visiongeek.io). Lifelong learner. Author of the open source Python library cvlib (www.cvlib.net). Remote work enthusiast. Loves to explain complex topics in a simple intuitive way.

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