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Heart of Tantra Yoga Immersion: GOA March 2024

Hosted by The Intimacy Project
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About Event

Over the 4 weeks, you will learn on an experiential level, through relationship and real life, the true meaning of Tantra, & Yoga. You will be supported, each step of the way, with daily group classes, discussions and individual 1:1 support.

Cost: £1000 when you pay directly. £1150 when you pay via this website (this is due to online payment fees)

If you are interested please contact me directly. WhatsApp +447940074913

What to expect

✨ Develop your own self nurturing practice

✨ You will learn how to integrate and work with a daily practice in life. 

✨ Experience deep emotional healing, kundalini activation, and embrace womb wisdom

✨ Conscious Touch Massage giving and receiving

✨Authentic Tantra exploration

✨Tantric Embodiment Practices

✨ Learn Krishnamacharya's basic principles of practice, restoring receptivity and sensitivity to asana (and life);

✨ Explore tantra Practices, asana, pranayama, bandha, meditation, and chanting as practical tools for the individual.

✨ Explore how tantra, asana, pranayama, meditation, and life are a seamless process;

✨ Learn the essential principle of "strength receiving" and how Yoga enables a person to feel and enjoy the union of all opposites;

✨ Explore the Shiva Sutras and through discussion and self enquiry discover how they are relevant to your life

✨ Connect with other genuine practitioners from around the world who want something more than a cookie-cutter teacher training;

✨ Deeply relax and feel the intrinsic beauty of our own nature, as nature.

✨ You will have the opportunity to meet and share your experiences with others who are going through the same process, supporting each other along the way: difficulties, challenges, changes. 

✨ Vinyasa Krama, the art of appropriate sequencing (which includes more than asana);

✨ Freedom of expression with movement and voice

✨ Learn how to shape Yoga to the individual, not the individual to Yoga;

✨ Understand subtle anatomy and how breath and bandha are engaged to create correct alignment naturally;

✨ Yin Yoga

✨ Yoga Nidra

✨ Teaching Principles of holding space and authentic sharing

Typical daily schedule

7.00am: Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Cacao ceremony

9.00am: Breakfast

10.30am: Group Discussion

*Teachings of Krishnamacharya, Tantra philosophy, Womb Wisdom, Ayurvedic Living, tantric goddesses, Teaching methodology etc

1.30 Free Time

3pm - 5pm Asana Clinic/ Tantra Practice

Dinner at your own time

6pm Tantric Practice Yin Yoga Yoga Nidra / Chanting


Saturday: Free Day

Sunday: Free Day

All times subject to the individuals needs, and the group.

Location: Arambol Beach, Goa

Logistical Details

Dates: 7th Match - 4th April

Cost: £1000 when you pay directly. Send me a WhatsApp and I'll give you the account details.

£1150 when you pay via this website (this is due to online payment fees)

Accomdation: £150 (you pay this when you arrive at your chosen accommodation.

Breakfast and Lunch is not included.

Airport Pick up from Goa International can be arranged for a fee of 2500 rupees with my trusted Taxi Driver

Meal times are free time for you explore and, nourish yourself

Maximum of 16 students participating on the course at any one time.

This is to ensure everyone receives the tailored teachings they deserve.

Here is a link to my Tecahers website. I share the heart of yoga with marks blessing. You will have the opportunity to meet him online and become a part of the heart of yoga sangha.

Here is a link to our main website to get a deeper feel of what the intimacy project is all about.

I also will be running the same training in October, December 2024, and march 2025