Mellowing Out FlexiYin Yoga



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

Sunday… that time at the end of the long week to just relax and mellow out. What better way to close the weekend than by unwinding, relaxing, and getting a wonderful night’s sleep to greet the new week with renewed energy? That is just what our Sunday FlexiYin Yoga classes aim to achieve.

This month, our Sunday classes will be based on students’ requests to target specific areas that might need a bit more attention than others. Classes might also be a bit slower than normal since we will be applying some Somatic Yoga concepts to better target those body areas

So, don’t be shy, make your requests and let’s see where this new adventure takes us! 😁

Props Needed:

  • Yoga blocks or books —even a low stool or a yoga wheel will prove useful

  • Bolster (you can even make your own with pillows wrapped in blankets!)

  • Knee or bum padding, such as folded blanket or cushions

  • Empty wall (probably)

  • Strap, belt or non-elastic band

  • Yoga stick (or broom stick, or any other slim stick that is longer than shoulder width)

  • Rolled-up towel

  • Anything at hand that will help you relax so your muscles can stretch deeper


  • Please make sure the camera is ON and placed away enough from the mat so I can see your full body during class.

  • Please make sure your phone is OFF or in Do Not Disturb mode, so that there are no distractions whatsoever that might keep you away from being fully engaged in your FlexiYin Yoga practice.