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That Beautiful Smile: Human-Centered Collaboration in Interpreting

Hosted by Be Amazing Interpreting
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[Presentation will be in English and interpreted into ASL]

ABOUT TARA ROTH (“the fabulous”):

Tara Roth is an artistic interpreting trainer and mentor at ASL Services, Inc. She has extensive experience in performing arts interpreting, legal and large-audience settings. Tara oversees interpreting interns, develops training programs, and creates and presents workshops nationally. Tara is a beautiful and fantastic person with one of the best smiles you'll ever see. (Tara is not writing this bio. :)


As interpreters we find ourselves thrust into the center of other’s most profound, intimate and stressful life moments. Can a collaborative relationship be developed quickly with clear thought and purpose in what the other person needs? Yes! In this workshop attendees will learn ways to recognize and respond to another’s personality and communication preferences. We will utilize role play to learn communication methods that will quickly and effectively connect us in collaboration with colleagues and clients.

a. Identify the four basic personality types

b. Bridge personality into communication styles

c. Apply communication styles to collaborative role-play

.2 RID/BEI/QA (Oklahoma) CEUs approved.

*Presentation will be recorded. A screenshot of participants will be taken for CEU processing.