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Storytelling and Service Design a primer with Romain Pittet

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About Event

A free one-hour webinar

This is a free one-hour webinar on the topic of Storytelling, Public Relations and their link to Service Design. 

The event will be made of:

  • A short introduction

  • An interview with Romain Pittet hosted by Daniele Catalanotto

  • A Q&A session

As Romain and Daniele are old friends, the webinar will be designed less like a formal interview and more like a conversation between friends to which you are all invited.

Topics we will cover

During this conversation, we will cover questions like:

  • What is Storytelling?

  • What is Public Relations?

  • What are some of the key mindsets or principles of Storytelling and Public Relations?

  • How can Service Design practitioners apply storytelling and communication skills?

  • How does storytelling play a role in your daily life?

  • - What are resources and references to check out when you are curious about Storytelling for Service Design?

When and where

The event takes place remotely on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, at 17:00 (Swiss Time). Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Romain’s passion and his storytelling and communication design expertise.

As for any Swiss event, please join 5 minutes before so that we can start in a timely way.

Who can join?

Participation is free, and all levels of Service Design practitioners are welcome. Even if you live outside of Switzerland, you're more than welcome to join this remote webinar.

About Romain Pittet

Romain is a PR and communications Consultant who helps organisations get their story right and tell it simply and smartly. Romain is also the co-president of the Society of Public Relations in the French part of Switzerland and teaches storytelling, communication and copywriting at HEG, SAWI, Haute Ecole Arc and CPI.