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Build with AI

Hosted by GDG Surrey, Sam Huo & Darshan Parikh
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About Event

Build with AI event is community-led technical events hosted by Google Developer Groups (GDG). Events aim to help developers learn and apply their skills on GenAI trends and products from Google.

GDG Surrey is excited to host this event on Apr 20, 2024. We warmly welcome developers from every corner of the tech sphere, including Backend, Android, and Flutter developers, and cater to all levels of expertise. Our aim is to provide an inclusive, enriching experience that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration among tech enthusiasts eager to explore the frontiers of Generative AI.

Find the Agenda here. Action Items for attendees:

Tech Setup: (Laptop and tech setup is only required if you are attending these workshops - Supercharge your Flutter Web apps with Gemini or/and Build Smart Enterprise Apps with Gemini + Appsmith, which are scheduled between 4:00pm - 6:00 pm)

  1. Bring a Fully Charged Laptop: Charging support will not be available at the venue. Attendees should arrive with their laptops fully charged.

Flutter SDK Setup:

  1. Download and install the Flutter SDK suitable for your machine.

  2. Ensure you can run flutter doctor in your development environment to confirm proper setup.

Google AI Studio:

  1. Sign in using a Gmail account.

  2. Generate an API key for Gemini with the help of this setup guide: Setup Guide


The venue is confirmed as British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby Campus. Here's the parking map. Please refer to the attached map for directions. Our event will take place in Building SW1, rooms- 1205 and 2009. 

There is paid parking available at a rate of $9.25 per vehicle. Consider public transit as a travel option.


  • Learning and Development: Advance your skills with workshops, demos and learn from the masters of the craft.

  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals to expand your network and uncover collaborative opportunities.

  • Innovation and Inspiration: Discover new use cases and innovative applications of AI that you can take back to your projects or organizations.

🌐 A Space for Everyone:

GDG Surrey is proud to create an inclusive environment that not only welcomes but also values diversity. Here, every participant is encouraged to share, learn, and contribute to the collective wisdom of the AI community.

Code of Conduct

GDG Surrey is dedicated to offering a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, or religion. We are committed to a welcoming environment that fosters open dialogue and mutual respect.


  • Respectful communication is paramount. Avoid demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing language and behavior.

  • Consent is crucial. Do not engage in unwelcome physical contact or attention.

Be mindful of your surroundings and fellow participants. Act with integrity and respect.
This code applies to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and staff at our events, both in-person and online environments.

Violations may result in actions ranging from warnings to expulsion without refund, at the discretion of the organizers. 

Please note: All attendees should bring their own laptops. You will need a personal gmail account and a Chrome browser to participate in the labs.

Our Official Page is here.

British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2, Canada
210 Going